What is a Premium Metaverse?

Sequin AR
3 min readJul 21, 2022


As consumers spend millions in the Metaverse on digital assets and experiences, industry leaders are rapidly building and investing in the space more than ever.

Goldman Sachs predicted an estimated investment of $1.35 trillion in the Metaverse within the coming years. Now, top Metaverse companies all over the world are racing to win user value and brand loyalty. Whether you’re a consumer, brand, or everyday gamer, you want a bespoke, high-quality experience.

Many existing Metaverse solutions make too many compromises with low fidelity and low functionality.

We at Sequin AR believe the best Metaverse experiences will be those that offer customized spaces with absolute user ownership and an AAA experience.

Building your own Metaverse means reinventing what was previously thought to be impossible and creating your own customized reality. With minimal infrastructure and network effects, less multi-metaverse interoperability, and little ownership currently offered by other leading Metaverse companies, Sequin solves this problem.

We allow brands to easily launch their own premium Metaverse spaces with full customization and real user ownership by providing complete Metaverse infrastructure for full control of the World.

Through Sequin’s Hydrogen platform, you can create and host 3D assets, connect to blockchain smart contracts, integrate with web2 technology and user avatars, and design operability with other digital worlds. When you forge your World on Hydrogen, building a first-mile experience and community platform, managing, and indefinitely updating comes effortlessly.

With Sequin, companies can gain access to UI for publishing and hosting assets, APIs to connect inside Unreal Engine, the Hydrogen installer and first-mile experience, the Hydrogen community, interoperability with other digital worlds, and much more.

We provide concrete evidence that drives clients to invest in the Metaverse. With a quick turnaround via the Hydrogen platform, users can build a World that offers increased brand and IP control, new streams of revenue, and cost savings. Moreover, we have the ability to offer users ownership of digital assets in the blockchain by driving retention and revenue-per-user.

We are run by industry veteran, Robert DeFranco, who holds 25+ years of experience building SaaS and working with entertainment and AR organizations. DeFranco and his team here at Sequin have already delivered billions of content views in the Metaverse securing partnerships with the likes of Fox, Sony, Madonna, CBS, Apple+, Google, Miramax, NBC, IFC Films, the CW, and more.

The road to Sequin’s Premium Metaverse is a short one.

Very soon, users will be able to stream media, integrate ads, use multiplayer functions, and be able to control their own self-service partner portal.

While many other centralized solutions come with higher take rates and no ability for users to own their own assets, our Premium Metaverse technology offers lower variable costs, higher user activation, and greater revenue per user through transactions on the marketplace and SaaS platform fees.

Build a premium Metaverse now with us and experience the Metaverse in its full capacity — an immersive, boundless space available for every brand, advertiser, or average user to utilize for their every unique need.



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