Our Approach to Helping Companies Be Their Better Selves

So, we’ve been exploring the idea of writing a book for about a year now. Literally a year. What kind of book? Well, a slim, clever, unexpected little book about how we arrived at (almost entirely by accident) what we think is actually a pretty awesome, relatively new-school approach to thinking about ‘brand’. Not the sort of ‘What’s our color palette? What’s our tone of voice? Isn’t this a lovely typeface? What should the tagline be?’ sort of brand. No, we mean mean big-B Brand. The sort of thing that helps upstarts out-innovate incumbents. The sort of thing that forges…

Or how old school ‘branding’ is giving way to a new school—and why that’s good for literally everyone

As anyone who’s spent any time with any of us at Sequitur can likely attest, we have a tendency start mumbling a lot whenever we’re asked to define what ‘branding’ is. Our agency got pinned with that moniker very early on — partially because we got our start as a traditional design-heavy house focused on helping companies refine their identity—their look and feel, not their raison d’être.

But then, about eight years ago, things took a radical shift for us—when the good folks at eBay tapped us to help them figure out how to get their mojo back. Very much…

Or How We Learned to Play Well with Others (and Start Charging Ourselves Our Hourly Whenever We Use the Word ‘Strategy’)

Branding agencies are notoriously bad at explaining what they do simply. Take a good look at most of the players in the space and you’ll see some pretty common themes — and rampant overuse of words like ‘co-creation’, ‘validation’, and ‘holistic’ and ‘futurism’. Now, we can’t say we haven’t been guilty of doing pretty much the same thing — especially way back in our early days when we were still struggling to define our particular take on what branding actually is. But we’re getting a little better at it lately.

Hard thing is, branding isn’t really a fixed thing. It’s…

Here are a Few Tips for Making it Big(ish) Without Driving Yourself Bonkers

Some might say it’s totally counterintuitive for one agency to pass along its supposed secrets of success to their potential competitors. But it’s not like anything we’ve learned over our past ten years in business is really NDA-worthy. In fact, some of it is just common business sense. And since we’re often in the position of having to turn away work (as a factor of being a deliberately small shop), it’s actually in our interest to build up the next wave of creative talent. Why? Because, when we have to pass on a project, it’s nice to be able to…

Why We’ve Been Slowly Getting Out of The Logo Making Business 

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve been asked, ‘So, branding, huh. What’s that, like designing logos or something?’ Well, yes. And no. Actually, no and no. At least nowadays.

Once upon a time maybe, what you looked like (and how quickly people recognized you) was all that branding entailed. In those days, studios like ours dedicated their energies to crafting brands the way ranchers once forged them—for searing their mark on the cattle (aka consumers) that belonged to them. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Good riddance.

Today, branding stands for something entirely different. Thus the blank stares…

Or, How to Win Friends and Influence People Without Sounding Like a Total Jerk

We’re often asked by potential clients ‘what’s your take on branding’? And they’re a bit taken aback by our answer. We tell them branding, as it used to be known, is dead. The days of hiring a crack team of super-talented creatives to help you conjure up some illusory brand promise that will resonate with consumers’ deepest aspirations–and bring them (and their dollars) in droves—are done.

And we, of all people, are pleased as punch. Why? Because we were never really that interested in creating illusions in the first place. We’ve always been more about helping…

How We Found that Just Right Wasn’t Right at All

This is a test post we’re using while developing our new site.

It’s not uncommon in the design world to meet amazing designers who haven’t gotten around to building their own website. And the excuse is always the same: No time. So busy.

But I call bullshit on that. I think the real reason is that they (and by that I mean we) have a hard time commiting to the right look and the right words. We want our storefront to be just right.

But just right isn’t right for the web. The web is constantly in flux. Just right…


Helping brands be their better selves.

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