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Retool founder David Hsu

By: Bryan Schreier on behalf of Sequoia

Atlassian, Stripe, GitHub — all are tremendous companies powered by the Rise of the Developer. Today, over 20 million software developers sit at the center of business creativity, and they build the products we touch every day. …

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By Roelof Botha on behalf of Sequoia

On the first Friday of May in 2009, we met with a Copenhagen-based founder just before he was set to fly home from Silicon Valley. David Helgason and his co-founders, Joachim Ante and Nicholas Francis, had spent five years building Unity into a profitable company with no outside capital. …

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By Carl Eschenbach & Pat Grady on behalf of Sequoia

In 2017, Snowflake’s high-growth, high-burn plan seemed audacious. While AWS, Google and Microsoft Azure were offering customers a place to store big data, Snowflake was giving them a way to actually use it — and the company’s cloud-based data warehouse was growing fast. But the challenges were daunting. Storage and compute were expensive, and we worried the major players would eventually crowd Snowflake out of the space. Snowflake clearly had a great product, but we weren’t sure whether it would be a great business.

So we passed, and then immediately wondered: “What if they do exactly what they say they’re going to do?” And sure enough, they did. Snowflake consistently beat its top‐line plan with no deterioration in unit economics. Even more impressive was the maniacal customer love they enjoyed in an otherwise unexciting market — sales reps were flocking to the product, and we kept hearing from customers who knew firsthand exactly how special Snowflake was. So for the next round, just a few months later, we reached out to ask for another chance and were fortunate to partner in January 2018. …


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