Same Spot, Different Time :: TheAdirondacks

I love these photos! I was fasinated by the tree and it’s bright color against the surrounding view. Despite the time of day, the tree always brung brightness into the photo. These photos were taken around 4–5 hours apart from eachother, closer to the middle/ end of day. I attempted to take them in the same exact spot… wich I was close but not exact. The main subject was the bright green, lime and yellow tipped tree. The photo on the left, was taken right before lunch time; it pictures a dull mood yet bright, foggy background with the tree as a source of color splash. I also captured a classmate taking photos of the scenery, which I thought was a nice touch. If I was to take this photo again I would lower the shutter and/or ap, since the leaves as the top of the tree was fading from the bright natural lighting. The second photo is my favorite of the two. The time of day made a the colors from the background and surrounding subjects as well as the tree more prominent. The background is still slight foggy at the top of the mountains, which allows you to see the water definition. The lamp is on which gives it more attention and describes the time of day thats approaching. The time of day and the blue tint leaves inflicts a relaxing and comforting tone.