Rise & Set :: the Adirondacks

Both of these photos were captured while on a class residency trip to Camp Huntington for Photographing Nature. The trip was a wonderful experience, getting to meet my classmates and professor and spend 2 days on a camp site and meeting for classes. We were given the assignment to take 3 set of photos, containing one in the beginning of the day and one at the end of the day. My first set of photos are shown above. The first photo on the left was taken during the first Sunrise of 10/10, the one on the right was taken that evening during the sunset. The camp site was on a Penensula, so I was able to capture these on opposite side of the land. In the first photo you can see a shilohette of branches from the trees surrounding and rocks that board the water. Where as the second photo was taken in wide open surrounding. The mountains at a distance and reflection of the sky in both photos it so poetic. The first photo has a warmer tint or yellows, greens and blues and seems to set the tone of a glory, awakening/liveliness, and new beginnings. The second photo, has a blue tint with overcast from the clouds, this gives a sense of calm, intimate, smooth, end of day. I took the time to mediate during the evening picture so it was a great trying to capture the view as I saw in person.