5 Japanese Dollar Store Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed

Simple products from Daiso Japan that you won’t want to live without.

Image by Sera Maddingly from Daiso Japan in Odaiba, Tokyo

Daiso is Japan’s largest 100-yen franchise, but it doesn’t sell the same cheaply made items as you would see in the US dollar stores. Daiso has some awesome items that, once you’ve tried them, you’ll be scrambling to find more.

Here are 5 items from Daiso that I can’t live without.

1. Toilet Seat Cover

Yes, you read that right. The first item is a Japanese toilet seat cover.

No more freezing toilet seats in the middle of winter for you! These covers are easy to put on (once you get the hang of it) and you can throw them in with your regular load of laundry. Even in the summertime, I won’t stop rotating the ones I have in the house. It just makes those hard seats more comfortable.

2. Course Body Towel

You know those mesh shower poofs that seem to fall apart after only a few uses? Yeah, I’ve ditched them for good after trying a Japanese body towel. These towels are like a long rectangular washcloth but made of course nylon material. It scrubs you clean better than any bath poof I’ve used. Those with super sensitive skin may not want to try it, but typically after a few uses, you will get used to the harsher texture.

3. Fine Mesh Laundry Bag

If you want to make sure your washer doesn’t ruin your fancy new toilet seat covers or any of your delicates, this bag is a must-have. These aren’t the large-holed washing bags you see at the U.S. dollar stores. The Daiso bags I use are very fine so your bra hooks won’t snag on other clothing that’s tumbling around in your washer. These bags can also go straight into the dryer if desired.

4. Laundry Hangers with clips

These hangers are handy for those that like to air dry their garments. These can hook on a horizontal pole or they also make ones that hook onto a door frame. They are fantastic for drying smaller things like socks and panties. Using these hangers are much better than laying individual socks across the top of the washing machine waiting for them to dry.

5. Bath Slippers

Ah, the bath slippers. A staple of Japanese culture. I am not ashamed to admit — I love these things! Even if you don’t want to wear them around your own house, I would definitely recommend them if you’re visiting a hotel or another area where floor cleanliness is questionable. Trust me, you don’t want to start the battle with foot fungus just because you didn’t want to be caught in funny looking shoe attire. Sometimes wearing socks can be too hot, so these toed and toeless slippers are a fantastic workaround. Keep your feet clean — give ’em a try.

Want some of these items to try on your own?

Good news. Daiso Japan now has stores in the US! Check out a store locator here. Products can also be ordered in bulk directly from the Daiso Japan website here.

Below are some affiliate links to similar items on Amazon if that is more convenient. Enjoy!

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