Stop Treating Employees Like Children

Bosses are not your parents. You are not their children.

Boy in Executive Chair via Pixabay

Punching a time clock. Asking permission to leave. Being required to be at your desk for so many hours despite workload.

All this reminds me of an earlier time in life. Elementary school comes to mind. Raising your hand in meetings. Only being allowed to leave for a doctor’s appointment when given approval. Doing simple tasks like faxing a document for your boss even though he is standing right next to the fax machine.

Sound like any jobs you’ve experienced?

It’s astounding how many companies have supervisors and even owners that treat their employees more like children than valued staff members.

I believe it is fear keeping bosses in the parent-child relationship to their subordinates. They fear if they give an inch the employee will take a mile. If there are no time clocks, then workers will come in an hour late for work every day. If it is not required to be at your desk from 8 am until 5 pm five days a week then some employees may only put in 30 hours of work and not get needed assignments completed.

So… employers trust their employees to run a business for them, but not to get their work done unless they are micromanaged to death?

It doesn’t make sense.

The do-it-or-else and because-I-said-so parenting mentality in the workplace needs to stop.
When is the last time you felt motivated by being written up for being five minutes late for work, but you routinely stay later on most days?

Sure, there are employees that would take advantage of being treated like an adult at work, but I’d think most would appreciate the gesture immensely. Working in an environment where you are treated like a person with value vs an errant child that needs to be watched constantly would improve productivity, not hurt it.

Cleaning up after others like a maid, doing busy work because looking busy is more important than doing good work, and fearing speaking up because the bosses don’t like being questioned are all signs of a “child’s job.”

You don’t feel like an adult because you aren’t treated like one.

Being treated like a child on the job is one of the most demoralizing things one can experience. You end up not helping others, not speaking up, and filling your days with bullshit to keep yourself looking busy to avoid the ire of the bosses that walk through the halls checking up on you. Office Space anyone?

It’s not fun. I’m betting that many cases of work-related depression will correlate directly with how the person is treated while working. It’s sad. So much of our lives are spent working and being around people we would not normally associate with and we can’t even have a job that treats us like we’re the adult we are?

I found an article written in January 1980. Yes, nearly forty years ago that speaks to this exact issue.

It’s astonishing to read that the same crap happens today, in 2019, that did in 1980. It’s time businesses got with the times and treated employees with respect. If they did, maybe there wouldn’t be so many burnt out and stressed workers in the world. All the technology and resources we have today and corporations are still doing shit like this. It’s so disappointing. No wonder more people are turning to freelance and starting their own businesses.

Being treated like a child at work is not a real job. A real job would let you make decisions (within reason) and give you basic respect as an adult human being. Check out the article below if you want to weep a little more in your coffee.