Not every one that hurts you is a narcissist, abuser, or manipulator

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“The words you use are the bricks that build the house that you live in.” — David James Lees

Your Words

Words are important. They help you process the world around you and how you experience it, so it’s critical you use the correct words when you label things and people. Calling someone an insensitive jerk has a different connotation than calling someone an abusive narcissist. And yet, these terms and similar are becoming interchangeable in society’s speech, especially in online social media.

Public online journaling or tell-all blogs (hello…

Enjoying life more and worrying less — sort of.

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Time Standing Still

It’s been around three months since the pandemic hit my state and everything closed down with shelter in place orders. It feels like it has been a year. Since I am an essential employee, nothing has changed for me. I still go to work five days a week and have to stay there for 8 hours. And yet, the time has felt like it is moving so painstakingly slow. It sucks being at work yet I am thankful for an income. …

Remember that before you post, “I’m bored at home,” when it’s really “I’m safe at home.”

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I’m annoyed. I’m pissed. I’m thankful. And I’m jealous. All at the same time.

I can’t take it anymore. Rant incoming…

I’ve about had it with all the posts I’ve been seeing on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram about people being “sooo bored at home,” because “this quarantine needs to end.”

I understand it’s a complete shift in routine and life if you’re used to going out, seeing friends and family, going out to restaurants, and now you’re told via the government that you must stay inside for your own safety and the safety of others. Huge life changes…

A simple hack with 2 items (plus pants) when you need it most.

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Stress sucks. It sucks, even more, when it makes your body give you shingles. Don’t know what those are? It’s the same virus that creates chickenpox but the lesions only appear on one side of your body, typically around the waistline or chest. It’s painful, extremely itchy, and difficult to deal with while it makes ugly blisters on your skin for about 7–10 days. I warn you if you Google it for pictures, it’s gross.

If you think you may ever have it in your life, go…

Time to nut up or shut up!

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Yes… I just finished watching Zombieland Double Tap, and it was just as great as the first that came out a decade ago.

In the movie, Zombieland, one of the main characters, Tallahassee likes to say “nut up or shut up” and it’s very apt to what I’m going to do this year. After really having a heart to heart with my inner child and going through all my writings over the past five-plus years, one thing keeps standing out.

It’s obvious. Glaringly so. I’ve seen it before but I threw myself a…

Everyone has their limits. Don’t let it get as bad as I did.

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Bosses that lie and manipulate.

VPs that lie and deny their own written policies.

Rampant narcissism in bosses with a company culture of a narcissistic haven.

Coworkers that refuse to do their job, so their own boss will pass it on to someone else.

All of these things I’ve experienced, sometimes daily and weekly within the 12 plus years I’ve been at my employer. The last 5 years have been the worst since I’ve started speaking up about the favoritism and lack of uniform policy implementation. I’ve…

It depends. How high are your expectations?

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I hate shopping.

I hate shopping especially when I have to go right after work or on my precious weekend time. So, pretty much I hate shopping all the time, every time.

The crowds. The pushy shoppers. The store layout that changes way too often. Yuck.

Let someone else brave the aisles!

So, when Walmart Grocery Delivery started in my area I jumped on it! I signed up for Unlimited Deliveries too when that rolled around. Bonus! Only $98 annually for unlimited grocery delivery instead of paying a $9.95 fee for every order. …

Pissing off your employees by treating them like thieves.

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I hate time clocks.

I hate clocking in and out for my workday and lunches. It makes me feel like a child where every moment is tracked and you have to ask permission to leave your desk for a potty break. It doesn’t help that my employer treats us all like criminals now that they’ve installed cameras throughout the offices. They watch us when we work at our desks, they watch us when we eat lunch, and they watch us when we enter the restrooms. It’s beyond annoying. Especially when you…

Want a seat to yourself? You get the worst viewing angle.

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Several of the theaters in my area have been revamped with the new fancy seating that seems to have taken off in droves these days. Comfortable seats for movies that are now sometimes 3 hours are great!

Except when it isn’t.

The theaters around my area have gotten the bright idea to make ALL the new seating selections “couple seats” aside for a few lone seats at the very edge of the rows. Plus, the number seating has been more than cut in half from what used to be…

Watching others do what you were meant to do (but aren’t) is heartbreaking.

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I’ve thought about the concept of “resistance” and the concept of “jealousy” a lot these past few years. Separately though, never together. Until now.

Making art or even enjoying art wasn’t part of my life growing up. I never went to museums or attended plays, even though I was interested in them from school because my parents didn’t like “that artsy stuff.”

Art is not valuable. That is the message I received from most of my family growing up. So, I did as I was told and…

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