I am lucky enough to have a best friend that has been through this “Booby Trap” saga, who also happens to be a doctor. We both looked at the mammogram on the day of the biopsy (she as a surgeon and I as an emergency doctor), and both of us said, “Shit.” Not that we are any radiologists. But apparently I won the “powerball lottery” of cancers, because if I am to have one, then one that is ductal carcinoma that is also estrogen and progesterone receptor positive, is not so bad. Medically translates to “will likely not need chemo.” I am always cautious stating anything as bold as that, but does sound much better. She also said to be prepared that with cancer, you must get used to the attention. “Every day for the next month is going to feel like your birthday.” Sound advice to the one that opened the door at her surprise birthday party, then instinctively and promptly closed the door and ran away. Will definitely take some getting used to, but I am truly humbled by all the love. Thank you.

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