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“The National Catholic Register wildly praised the report, quoting McHugh as urging skepticism of individual ‘witness claims.’ In other words, readers should believe the report’s claims over whatever their LGBT friends and family actually tell them about their lived experiences.”

Come, be skeptical.

Come, get to know me, and then try to convince yourself that I’m miserable being who I actually am, and was really happy Before (I understood I was a girl). You know, back when I spent a good 25ish consecutive years, without pause or fail, actively and fervently wishing I was dead for a reason I could not articulate or understand, until one day (the day I realized I had always been a girl), when all that suddenly stopped and never started again.

Come, let me help you understand the sureness of my love. My love for myself, for you, for the world, for all beings.

Come, bring your God and test the fastness of my heart. When you have exhausted yourself, when you have injured yourself in the contortions necessary to justify your hatred of me for who I am, I will be waiting. When you understand how you have been hurting us, how you have been hurting yourself by hurting us, I will comfort you. I will do my best to help you heal.

I will forgive you.

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