Life isn’t just “happening” to you, life is responding to you. Your energy is calling the shots!

Surround yourself with energy to match what you want from life, both long term and “in the moment”. Life isn’t just “happening” to you. It is responding to your heart, soul and mind set. What you allow yourself to believe, see, feel and what is what life will create with you.

The energy of our Universe “responds” to you. It hears your thoughts, acts on your intentions, and returns to you the energy you send out to through inner awareness, thoughtful actions, unconscious thoughts, and conscious intentions towards others. Mindset is such a powerful energy, if we are aware of this natural law of reaping the harvest of the seeds we sow- measure for measure, we are far more careful of what we are sowing, and life will respond accordingly.

KNOW this as you set out for the day, and set your world to work FOR you. As we sow we reap, as we learn we can choose to teach, which of course is more seeding! Life is a constant flowing cycle and we are on that same wheel of fortune. Be sure your deeds are seeds sown with the root of a loving heart and your harvest will be abundant blessings of love’s finest seeds! Life will always respond to your beliefs and intentions. The garden in your life is created by the seeds sown by you. ❤️~Seraphina~❤️

© 2014 by Seraphina Knows.

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