Love, Truth, and reconnecting to our creative Soul Source. Beauty is a reflection of truth, and it’s imitation is ultimately a reflection of our true creative nature. True Nature is our love of Soul Source. Balance. Harmony. Love is the reflection of Divine Source. Creativity is the gift of loving Source. And the dimension of true nature that reveals these balancing essentials is that of our souls harmonious connection to Soul Source or Divine Love. This is our creative source! When we finally feel this in our innermost being, (in our gut) we realize how far away from our loving Father/Mother/God/Source/

(Whatever name we have attached) We have allowed our souls to drift into Egos domain and my friends it time for us to reclaim our soul connection!

Society being what it is today, children lose soul awareness and self confidence far too early. To be creative they need to stay connected to creative Source. We must integrate the practice of teaching “soul tools” to our children in all areas of life right from the get go. Within the family, community, and school! They are as vital to our children’s well being and survival as education and socialization is, and more! If our young adolescents came into adulthood with that Soul Confidence, what a different world we would live in! We all need to have our God given “self” confidence, it is an even deeper understanding of “confidence” when we speak of having “soul confidence”. Every Being is soul! God is Soul Source! The Source of our soul is God. All souls are interconnected through “Soul Source.” and “One Source” is “ One soul” centered in the heart of ALL Creation which is “One Love”.

As adults, one of our biggest responsibilities is to make sure ALL little ones grow up with self confidence in their own creative soul ability whilst containing within a joy filled and humble heart. No beauty, no matter how craftily created, will last long when the creative spirit has a cold heart or an overblown ego. Ego takes away from soul. We are the teachers, if we don’t have enough confidence and faith in our own soul teaching tools, we best learn! … now! We are born creative souls, if we have lost that we must find a way back. It’s never to late to Return to love, to Return to Source. ~Seraphina Knows

(© 2015 by Seraphina Knows. (AKA Julie Courtright) All rights reserved