We must teach our children that Our spirit is NOT our ego! That our ego is not the be all and end all of our journey through the school of life. We can teach them to learn to develop their spiritual and personal potential and blend them to at least be in balance with the ego by allowing our Spirit to define and express our desires with grace, confidence and respect. If we can teach our children how our unconscious desires become our unconscious intentions, (not always a good thing) we can give them the tools to be aware of what they are thinking and feeling. To become more actively conscious. We can teach them that awareness allows our conscious will to pay attention to our intentions. Show a child how to guide their actions through conscious awareness (will power) and they have tools for building a better life. Children are just as capable of understanding how our will designs and drives our purpose as we are, but they must be shown! We can teach our children how our responses to people, places, things, can reveal our divine purpose and why awareness of our insights can help create our destiny. The amazing result of teaching our children while they are young enough to be open to learning without preconditioned social judgements, is that they take that wisdom and open doors we’ve never even imagined!

We must take the time to teach our children to recognize, develop, experience, and embrace their Spiritual Potential, because their potential is what defines their destiny. And ours!

Personally I believe we need to integrate a course series for school curriculums. Our children carry forward our promise and potential of a hope filled tomorrow, so please, let us teach them to build their intentions upon the foundations of love, compassion, wisdom, truth, spiritual and peaceful potential. Teach without hidden motives, only from truth and Love and the rest will take care of itself! Love and blessings to all as always. 🌺Seraphina🌺

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