Transfer of energy thru hands and feet

Human hands work best we are consciously aware of the energy we hold. There are infinite projects and practices to involve our hands. Our hands (and feet) carry our own unique energy stamp. Our hands transfer energy to humans or projects or animals or work, our feet absorb Mother Earths healing energy, and leave imprints of our own energy especially when our feet are bared. Play with warm sand with your toes, it is a revitalizing and healing action that benefits our essential energies. Catch a rainbow (seriously) in the palm of your hands, and just hold the lights until you feel the heat and cool energy released from the colors into your palms. Try having spiritual symbology painted on our hands, allow this powerful energy to rise up your arms to your heart, you will be amazed at the sense of healing. Offer your hands to lift others. Do not use our hands or feet to hurt or trample on others! Our hands and feet are more than just handy tools, they are expressions of our core energy. Be consciously aware of all energy exchanges. Be sure the energy imprints you leave are always rooted in love.

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