“10 Idea’s to beginning my creative flow”

If I had to choose 10 different ideas to get myself on a path that will hopefully solidify into a final project that will successfully communicate my intended ideas into photographs, this is where I would start.

#1. My first idea is generic to my career as a hairstylist. I would have a controlled light photoshoot, a female or male model with detailed hairstyles and make up, to include props to tell the story. Here is an example of an idea that inspires me.

Jake Thompson

#2. My second idea would be to photograph the of the human figure/anatomy, though this is not a unique idea, I will focus on expressing natural form that triggers curiosity. I will use lighting to bounce off bone structure and muscle tone.

#3. A third idea I have is using a macro lens to capture detail and small portions of body parts that resemble other things and body parts, with the intention to trick the eye of the viewer into illusion.

#4. Fourth is to attempt to capture the perspective from the view of other living creatures such as bugs, birds, dogs, cats etc. An example would be that of a bird from the highest he can reach and looking down onto earth, emphasizing the view of what a human looks like from such a view (do we show an instinctive threat?) or what about looking down onto an elephant? the perspective the bird see’s is very unique. What about a flying bug? or an ant? Imagine looking up as feeling as if you were being engulfed by your surroundings or see a giant(human) hand scooping water from a puddle but it looks like an ocean and waterfall from the view of an ant.

#5. Another idea is to capture peoples emotional expressions of random people in their typical element. The goal would be to make the viewer smile or laugh as a result to looking at the facial expression.

#6. My sixth idea is what I would call “The norm,” capturing people in their element doing what everyone else does. for example, a photo of everyone one coincidentally on their phone’s at the same time. And perhaps showing the same scene though people are actually interacting with each other and obviously having a great time as oppose to being on their phones.

#7. A seventh idea would be creating an oxymoron, such as the viewer looking into someones mouth to see their tongue wrapped in barb-wire. The goal would be to create contradicting thoughts.

#8. Taking things to whole other level, my eighth idea would consist of finding and or creating absolute disgust, pictures of nasty things that may make you cringe yet you still want to look.

#9. Ninth idea! I would like to set up my camera so that the viewer feels as if they are in the body the viewer aka the camera, I want it to be literal while also truly expressing the view of a human, giving the same feeling or perspective that originated from taking the photo in the first place.

#10. Though I do not have much detail here, I would like to explore reflection and perspective, put them together and play with them both. How much perspective can a photographer express? is there a limit?

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