Why Are More Gay Men Turning On Transgender People?
Phaylen Fairchild

So much wrong with this opinion piece, where to start? Saying it’s a steaming pile of manipulative, hyperbolic, propaganderist shite maybe? Problems with it are, one, correlating sexuality with ‘gender identity’. Being gay or lesbian is a sexual orientation while ‘gender identity’ is a mish mash of fetish, delusion and personality.

Two, correlating anyone who disagrees with the transcult as being alt-right trumptards. The irony of this belief is jaw dropping. Authoritarianism is rampant in the Transcult. Need proof? Just look at the likes of Britain’s Labour Party or any university’s student union. Plus the fact that non believers are reviled and castigated for their ‘wrong think’. The term “TERF” is used as a means to shame non compliant women.

Three, calling autogynephiles “canaries in the mine” with regards to the advancement of same sex civil rights. So let me get this right, straight men in dresses are who lesbians and gays should be thanking for the formation of the Gay and Lesbian civil rights movement? Seriously?!

Four, not understanding (or deliberately feigning ignorance) as to why the L&G are turning on the ‘trans’. Several reasons for why the gay and lesbian community is seeing the Transcult for what it truly is, things like the cotton ceiling (lesbians being coerced into sleeping with straight men in skirts and being labelled ‘transphobic’ and ‘TERFs’ when they refuse to do so), women’s spaces being taken over by dudes in frocks, kids who would grow into homosexual adults being ‘transed’ and having their right to a fulfilling life stolen from them, Feminism being co opted by men in dresses, no-platforming Feminists who wish to have a reasoned debate about ‘gender identity’, ‘trans’ throwing mantrums over any and every thing, the over the top ridiculousness of referring to ‘misgendering’ as violence, the fact that no one is allowed to question the Transcult, assaulting women who disagree with ‘trans’ ideology, the doxxing of people, predominately women, who refuse to buy into delusions, the sheer absurdity of The T cult’s whole ideology and the fact that the goal posts keep getting moved.

Claiming that Milo was the instigator of anti-trans sentiment within the (lol) ‘LGTBIAQWTF kweer community’ is hilarious.The ‘trans’ movement and its activists are managing to do that on their own and they don’t need a damaged attention whore like Milo to do that.

Calling a simple statement of biological fact ‘transphobia’ is side splitting. The lesbian feminists in the London and NZ marches were stating facts. You CANNOT change Sex. It is a biological impossibility. Gender (that is, sex role stereotyping)and Sex are not the same thing. Sex is “scientifically disproven”?!?! Since when????? No biologist worth the title would ever claim to NOT believe that Sex is binary!

What has a murderous anti Semite like Bowers got to do with anything? Trying to stir up anger and manipulate people into feeling bad on your behalf by correlating two separate things. You should be deeply ashamed.

We’re the canary in the mines…once we stop singing, you better run like hell.” What an arrogant thing to say, since when is the sense of entitlement of autogynephiles the bar to which same sex civil rights should be aspiring to???

Have you gotten so comfortable with the illusion of newfound mainstream acceptance that you’ve forgotten your own history?” The pure gall of this statement! The Transcult have made serious attempts to rewrite lesbian and gay history as being about two ‘trans women’ Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Mr Johnson never claimed he was a woman, he didn’t need to make such an absurd claim because he wasn’t delusional. He was a drag queen and made no bones about it. A black butch lesbian named Storme Delaverie was the instigator of the Stonewall riots but she’s ignored because she was a woman.

“So many gay men are finding themselves willing to ally with their own oppressors” Many left leaning lesbians and gays are finding that the conservative media are often the only ones willing to call out the ‘trans’ nonsense. This does not mean they have become wingnuts themselves and to imply such a thing is incredibly dishonest. But as we have seen that is the ‘trans’ way. Lesbians and gay men are seeing the Transcult for what it is, a new and socially approved version (by so called Lefties no less!)of conversion therapy and are standing up to it.

I was born this way.”

“I’m not sick or a pervert. I’m a threat to no one.”

“I have a right to be proud of who I am.”— Lesbians and gay men were born the way we are, we don’t need to resort to surgical mutilation and ingesting vast quantities of synthetic hormone to be our authentic selves.

“I should not be subject to cruel and inhumane discrimination in the name of organized religion.” Conventional organized religion and the Transcult have a lot in common, so attempting to position ‘transgenderism’ as being different from conventional religion when they are both belief based and rely on adherents faith in their doctrine is bizarre. The other thing about this statement is that Feminists, and just women in general, could more rightfully make this claim since they are the ones being severely discriminated against in favour of TiMs (‘trans’ identified men),like, for example, WordPress deleting feminist blogs like GenderTrender simply because Gallus Mag mentioned Jonathan Yaniv’s male name when he’s claiming a ‘trans’ identity.

“The rights you enjoy today; the privilege you’re flouting and the hatred you’re spewing was not earned by you- it was fought for you to have that right by people who expect you would use them as a destructive force- most of those who pioneered our rights, those we owe a debt to, they died without ever experiencing a world in which things like gay marriage or pride month existed.” No autogynephile is in any position to tell homosexual people about the importance of those who came before to fight for our same sex rights. We know to be thankful but the arrogance it takes for a man in a dress to admonish gays and lesbians is breath taking. The fact is the ‘trans’ do not belong under our Pride flag since the ‘trans’ movement has done nothing but drag lesbians and gays and our movement through the sludge to further the sense of entitlement straight males in skirts think is their right. To those men I say GO AND FUCK YOURSELF. Do the honourable thing and leave the L&G movement. Do the honourable thing and leave the Feminists alone. Do the honourable thing and leave women to have their spaces. Do the honourable thing and stop using our lesbian and gay children to further an adult’s agenda. Just STOP.