We Don’t Talk About It- Gentlemen, Who Told You That This Was Ok?

Cat calling has taken on a whole new form thanks to the emergence of social media. The precedent of “sliding into one’s DM” has been established and males are getting bolder and bolder with their language and choice of words when contacting females.

Disclaimer: All contact info has been removed from the screenshots for privacy reasons (yes, the guys sending these should be held accountable for their stupidity and lack of etiquette, but I don’t need a lawsuit for the violation of privacy). Screenshots were compiled from various friends of mine. As ridiculous as some are, they are not staged.

Example 1 (from iMessage)

Way to turn a conversation on holiday traditions into an opportunity to call me pretty…

Example 2 (from Snapchat)

I am going to keep it short on the subject of pictures. DO NOT SEND ME PICTURES OF YOUR JUNK. That is a NO! I am speaking on the behalf of all females here.

Example 3 (from Facebook)

This was the first message this guy ever sent me.

When the obvious sarcasm and disinterest isn’t enough to turn this ambitious young man away…

Example 3B

Hey, would you ask your mom the same questions?

Example 4A (From Tinder)

Example 4B

Example 4C

While Tinder has a reputation for being slightly creepy, I could not pass up the opportunity to share these.

Example 5 (from Instagram)

Because a noticeable change in a girl’s body is obviously something that concerns him specifically.

As you can imagine, receiving these kind of messages is not pleasant (though at times it does get entertaining). The

This is when I pose a few questions to any male who consciously makes the decision to send messages in a style similar to those above:

  1. What did you hope to accomplish when sending these messages?
  2. Who taught you to talk to females this way?
  3. Did you have a female figure in your life? If so, what do you think would happen if she saw you speaking that way to a girl?
  4. Would you ever DARE say this to a girl in real life?

P.S. Don’t take some of the replies from the female side seriously. My friends and I wouldn’t actually respond in this way had the guys had genuine intentions. Sarcasm is the only defense to stupidity.

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