Task Analysis Mapping

What is task analysis mapping?

To help keep things short, simple, and straight to the point. Task analysis mapping is a way of identifying how to think through the process of a task in order to accomplish it. I like to look at this process as a way of building a set of instructions.

For an example of what task analysis mapping is, is I’ll be sharing a task scenario that I have been given. This project was to provide the steps that go into painting a room. A room that is in serious need of a paint job.

My first thought to get started was to list out how I’d approach this type of task. Starting out from accessing the situation to having a completed project.

Below I’d like to share my process in a more visual way.

How I started

I started out by writing out each step I would have taken in order to complete this task. I actually went through this process a couple times before settling on this version.

Steps to paint a room

Storyboarding the process

So after I took my scratch paper of steps, I went ahead and drew out a final storyboard of instructions that are easily to understand in a frame by frame list of instructions.

Storyboard of how to paint a room


As you can tell, this type of project reminds of as if I were to build a set of instructions like you the one’s you get when buy a product that needs to be put together. That’s what my take is from this project.

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