This artcikle does not give any lesson, I just want to share an event took place in a beautiful city by impertinent.

We are all in moment to go school,work,hospital etc. with willing or unwilling in a rush. Respect is not virtue respect is essential.

The photo what you see on the page seems just an accident. ( Accident : A negative event take place unintentionally )

What happened in that public service vehicle?

The vehicle was preparing to stop at the bus station full of people who is lucky are sitting less fortunate are travelling by standin up uncomfortable.

The bus station are full of other public service vehicle and our driver is waiting his line to pull over. A passenger is yelling to driver “ open the gate let me out “ driver indifferent, he yells one more time without patience , this time driver answers “ i will not open wait” roughy. They are come for against each other to fight. Some sensitive passenger interfere and the fight is ending before start. ( For a minute )

Finally bus pulled over passengers are leaving , passengers are entering… One guy is not moving who wanted to leave middle of the road.

When bus moves the disrespectful and impatient guy attacking to driver and he lost bus control and ACCIDENT!

Luckily no one died many people are wounded and many car are damaged.

The guy is in custody dispatched to court peopbably in some days he will spend his time into jail.

There is more than accident ( Beneath this mask there is more than flesh,beneath this mask there is an idea V FOR VENDETTA ;)) )

But there is no idea,no sense in this case.

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