Major thing we have to do in the continuously growing world is to adopt changing and embrace innovations. We don’t need to go away from today when look at the 20 years earlier we start questioning how we survived without internet. I am not even mentioning smart phones etc.

Future will come faster than we assumed and the world will become more crowded, competition will become harder. Basic and qualified education are given by school leads us up to a point. Even though companies which stay behind innovation could not show proportional growth.

Mostly in the business life debates and interviews turned into different dimension. Roughly we should look over and over to our struggle to take position.

Make a differences in life is essential, we have to keep open our perception in order to be one step ahead. To follow innovation through only internet is not enough, innovation must be adopted.

Technology is 2 fingers away from us and to estimate what is going to happen in the future is not possible. You can see following applications which kill our time meaninglessly and keep us away between each other.

No doubt those applications are going to disappear in few years BUT new ones will replace them and our asocial level will be upgraded. Conversations is going to be less and our correspondence will increase inversely proportional. Unfortunately it is inevitable that’s why we need to read more we need to learn more.

What is stopping you not to read 10 pages per day, time? you wasting for TV,PC etc. We have to read 20 pages if we are already reading 10 pages. You have to understand what you read you have to interpret what you understand and share the idea. Ideas are bulletproof and they grow when you share.

Think about your competitor who has same intelligent and education degree like you. Major thing is your character separate you from him then your knowledge. And one point your knowledge passes in front your character. If you want to make more money you to make differences where you work. No one increase your salary over the inflation rate just because you are good people. We have gain our right base on what we accomplish and demand justice with strong proofs.

We believe in eternity of space, learning and progressing are endless as well. Between friends, business environment, interview inside the family we should make differences. We must feed with innovation and digest.

We can begin with changing our thoughts. To save mankind is not on your hand for now saving yourself. Don’t pay your attention my nutrition on Instagram but what I read.. (Read Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

Innovation is like a flowing water. In order to able to get true information we must struggle. There are dozen comments on the searching engine on internet what you look for, we need to narrow down our searching.

The way of catching future is to catch today

Thank you so much.

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