When The Productivity Methodologies Don’t Work

GTD, Pomodoro, No More Zero Days, Don’t Break The Chain, To Do Lists, New Year’s Resolutions… and other techniques are all good ideas, they make sense, but they don’t always work.

I started doing workouts, writing articles, reading and doing other activities which I wanted do. However, I stopped in a few months and lost my motivation to continue, or I couldn’t keep up the good quality.

What’s the Problem?

The main problem is being non-realistic. I can’t write an article every day, because I can’t learn or experience that much in a day. It’s possible to use accumulated materials but they consume in a few weeks. I can’t go to gym frequently. This takes too much time and energy. Also the protein diet is not sustainable. I already read all day, how can I read more in the evening? I don’t want to see bloodshot eyes when I look at myself in the mirror.

Be realistic and kind to yourself.

The other reason is cliche but true. If the thing is not giving any pleasure, you lose your motivation in time. Our brains tend to stay away from hard jobs because hard jobs need more energy and give less pleasure. There is a trade-off between the reward and the effort you spend. Your brain reckon this unconsciously and your happiness is a big criteria. You have to find the things that you like to do. If you don’t like it despite your attempts, or if you can’t make it fun for you, you’ll definitely rise up soon.

Take pleasure or be sure you’ll stop soon.

How To Be Happy?

This is a very subjective issue. It depends on your expectations, but I’d like to mention some points. Freedom is a must for being happy. If you’re sticked into a company, a city, a person, a house or anything else, and if you can’t leave them behind, how can you be happy? Drop your excess, live simple, don’t follow the trends, follow your tastes.

Consider the difference between individuality and personality. Firstly, be a person.

You can’t be happy by achieving the goals that you don’t sincerely believe. Community will drive you if you don’t show any resistance. Don’t compare yourself with others, don’t increase your expectations, don’t bring up more anxiety. Listen to your inner-self.

Life will seem shorter when you set high goals.

Don’t Lose Your Intuitions

Everything has an ideal way. Of course we should try to find better ways by considering experienced people’s suggestions. But I afraid we started to neglect our own ideas completely and find others’ ideas worthier. It’s something like Google Effect. After we gain ability to reach any information and know about different perspectives, we became lazy to develop our owns. We’re eager to copy others’ methods and expect getting the same results. There should be a limit of being influenced.

Get inspired but don’t copy. Add something from your own.

Don’t feel any obligations, don’t rely on popular methodologies. Stop looking for silver bullets. You have enough time to develop your own productivity methodologies. This isn’t reinventing the wheel, this is picking the right shoes for you. Your brain works like muscles. If you don’t use it, it’ll get weaker and weaker.

Trust yourself, make your own way.

Thank you for reading. Don’t mind this article too :)