Project Spotlight

Dr. Gaglioti at SERCN, Dr. Fuqua at the Mississippi Primary Health Care Association, and Ms Janice Wilkerson from the Georgia Primary Health Care Association worked together to conduct a pilot survey of providers in federally qualified health centers to characterize barriers to obtaining colonoscopy as part of routine colorectal cancer screening in the primary care safety net. We asked about barriers to obtaining colonoscopy as an initial screening test as well as a follow up test to another positive screening tests. We also asked about how barriers differ among patients based on their health care coverage status. These results were presented at the North American Primary Care Research Group Annual Practice Based Research Conference, in Bethesda, MD in April. One of the main findings of this research was that 93% of safety net providers we surveyed felt there were significant barriers to obtaining colonoscopies for their patients. When asked about their ability to obtain colonoscopy for a patient after a positive stool based screening test, most safety net providers surveyed felt that obtaining a colonoscopy for an uninsured patient was difficult or impossible.

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