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Everyday we pass by millions of people of different race some we know, some we do not and some we want to get to know. But, what is the only thing we see? We just see skin color and without even knowing it we associate all kind of different stereotypes about how they are, where they live, what they do for a living etc. Some of these stereotypes may be true for an individual of the race but it is not true for the entire race. Growing up, these stereotypes are installed into our heads by family, teachers, friends, and even television. But, it is our job to keep an open mind and judge someone once we have learned to know them. I will describe some of the stereotypes associated with some of the different races and the action that they have caused.

I am Black. So do you fear me? You may think I am rude, have no manners, violent etc but that is not true of me. Often times Blacks/African-Americans are associated with the statements above which tends to cause major problems. Blacks have the highest death rate. Why do you ask, because people see us as violent or a threat. More blacks than any other race are incarcerated because they are seen as thieves or robbers. But, in some causes some of these Blacks are incarcerated or dead because of false reasons, or because of an assumption. Take Latsha Halin for example and you will see how she was killed over a two dollar bottle of orange juice that she was going to pay for. Until, people quit associating Blacks with violence, or as a threat than more will end up in jail or dead.

I act White. If you look at me would you think that I act White? The way that whites are seen as acting are classy but snobby, educated, and powerful with lots of money. I feel that whites see other races as below them. I consider myself educated, classy not snobby and powerful but with no money, others may not see me the same. Because of the way people associate Whites it is the way that they treat them. Whites are given the better paying jobs, people listen to what they have to say about any issues such as politics, and do what whites say. But, what happens if you do not? Jonathan Ferrell was a black college student who “did not listen” to a White office and that lead to his death. If someone is seen as better than another race than it causes problem because now they expect it from everyone and when they do not get it than violence happen, even if it is not the intent. Everyone is as equal as the person next to you so treat them the way you want to be treated regardless of race.

I work hard like Hispanics. When you first see a Hispanics what do you think? I wonder if they are an immigrant. This is a rude thing to think about or even consider when you see any race. Hispanics make-up 17 percent of the population, there are 1.15 million born in the U.S. yearly. Hispanics are seen as having little education, undocumented, Spanish speakers only etc. But, we should see beyond what we think they are there are plenty of powerful Hispanics or Hispanics incarcerated just like Blacks and Caucasians. Yes, some Hispanics are undocumented but that should not stop them from getting an education or a job. The jobs Hispanics get pay less or have them work longer hours with unfair pay because of their race, other races treat them wrong because they feel that Hispanics can get more done for less.

From now on when you look left or look right try not to see color and associate it with stereotypes. Try thinking that this is a human just like I am, I should treat them the way I would like to be treated. Everyone deserves to be treated equal regardless of there color and how you feel that they may act or be. Remember, one brain can change the world.