You better not bring a…… in this house

There are parents out there in the world who tell there children, while they are growing up, don’t bring home a(insert here). They tell there children not to bring a Black, Mexican, Muslim, or even a gay home. There are many reason as to why a parent might tell there children this, each parent having their own reason. One main reason, I could think of, is so the children can love someone of the same kind and know what to expect from their race. From the couples I know they feel loving someone outside your race is hard work and requires a lot of getting use to.

My co-worker, Amber, has been with her boyfriend for years now, and they are an interracial couple, she is Black and he is White.

Me: So, how is it being with someone of a different race is it hard?

Amber: Oh, yea when we go out in public holding hands people look at us funny all the time.

Me: What do you do when they look at you?

Amber: Sometimes, I just start waving at them and other times I look back at them the same damn way.

She told me how the other day she was at the mall and a Black man walked in between her and her boyfriend, looked over to her and gave her a why are you with him look. Just as in Loving vs Virginia, the outside world does not want you to be with someone of a different race. Everyday interracial couples have to face the public and received the public view on their relationship and that has to be something hard to go through. Some couples can not handle the pressure for too long so they decide to end their relationship while others stay together, get married and even have kids.

Dr. Dre and his wife

This is a picture of a couple that made it, it is the rapper, Dr, Dre and his wife Nicole Young. They have been married since 1996, before they got together she was his lawyer and people looked at her like why would you get with “someone” like that. They did not let the outside world effect the love they have for each other.

Not only do interracial couples have to face the public, but they also have to face their families. Some families start with the parents being the ones who do not accept it, while in other families it is the cousins, aunts and uncles. There are families who disown their relatives if they are going with someone of a different race. A friend of mine, Kristina, told me how her mom said, “If you ever bring someone Black home I will disown you,” she never bought someone black home to see if her mom will truly disown her. But, their are other cases where your family say they will disown you but they do not. My brothers girlfriend, Daisy, told me how her parents said they will disown them, than her sister came home pregnant by someone Black and they did not. She said her parents love the kids father and the kids. And than you have the families where the parents accept it, but they fear how the outside would view you, so they do not approve of it. Just like in Mississippi Masala were her parents were afraid for her.

After, interracial couples have faced the public and their families they have to face each other. They have to get to know each other views, morals, like, and dislikes, and most times these may not work out with each other. But, it is up to the couple whether they stay together and find a common ground or break-up. My sister, Andrea, told me of an incident where her and her boyfriend, at the time, were in Wal-mart and they seen baby dolls and my sister said I wish they had black baby dolls and her boyfriend got mad. He did no understand why she would say that and why it even mattered. And, when my sister try to explain her reasoning he still did not understand were her point of view came from. Every race has there reason as to why they feel a certain way, but some races can not and will not ever understand it. Here are stories of people who come from different backgrounds and have unique stories. Maybe if you are in an interracial relationship and having a difficult time these stories might help you.

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