The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

First of all, it’s a little late for an apology and honestly after how you treated your fans this comes off as simple PR (after Alycia, who doesn’t even work for you anymore and who you threw under the bus, was forced to address the issue while you were nowhere to be seen) and not sincere. You don’t get to dismiss us and our more than legitimate anger for three weeks before saying anything that can be considered not offensive.

As a showrunner and a writer, you have a responsibility to your fans, queerbaiting them for 11 months to get social media buzz and raitings is not the way to go, not when this community is already starved for representation that always gets killed off to “further the plot”.

You told us you knew about the trope and heavily implied that you would avoid it. Instead we got a rip off from Buffy and a scene full of plotholes so that the death could happen (where were Lexa’s guards? Where did Titus find the gun? Clarke saved Jasper when he was speared to the chest, saved Finn when he was stabbed with a poisonous knife but can’t save Lexa? Where were the healers in Polis? Why would Lexa enter a room after hearing gunshots? How did Carke, who survived three months alone in the woods, fall for the pathetic set up Titus had with Murphy?)

You said you didn’t expect this backlash but, aside from the fact that you lied to fans and killed Lexa, did you not stop for a seconds when watching the scene unfold and thought that it could trigger people? A religious father figure disapproves of the queer relationship, shoots at the bisexual and ends up killing the lesbian 64 seconds after a moment of real happiness? Really?

Why did you send one of your writers to a lesbian forum to give people hope if queerbaiting wasn’t your intention? Why did you invite fans to watch the finale filming on the only day you were filming specifically Clexa scenes outside, thus giving fans hope that Lexa would still be alive? How come the only important things that leaked were always related to Clexa, first the kiss then the sex scene? Let’s be real, queerbaiting was your intention from the start, whether you realized that you went overboard is not important.

You used a vulnerable community, got your raitings, then threw us away like yesterday’s trash, and frankly, we are done being treated like that by white showrunners that think they can pat themselves on the back for giving us a few episodes of representation and then taking it away with the excuse of “everyone is treated equally in my show, anyone can die” (which clearly doesn’t apply to your show, let’s be honest)

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