How To Survive This Election

Step one -Move to Canada….just kidding…..kind of. For those of us whom relocation to Canada isn’t an option ,but still wish to make it through this election cycle without drinking ourselves to death. Fear not, for I have compromised a list of ways to make the current times a little more bearable…or at least survive them without taking it out on your liver and moving to a place that can drop below 40 degrees Celsius, cause lets face it even if Justin Tradeau is around to warm it up, that’s still freaking cold.

  1. Limit your media intake. I know everyone says this ,especially when chaos is ensuing, but if you are going to take those words of advice to heart at any time, now would certainly be it. This week I made a conscious decision not to watch the debates. Not because I didn’t want to. But because I could not handle the stress of watching a 6'3 spray tanned orange bafoon stalk, interrupt and ramble on over Clinton, repeating himself like an elementary schooler trying to reach an essay word count . We are being exposed to more negativity than ever, which can have an extremely harmful effect on a physical, emotional and psychological health. Set a timer for media consumption if you have to.

2. Limit social media. I know this kind of goes with #1,but this is worth mentioning due to the fact that most social media makes it virtually impossible to ignore mainstream media outlets, so limiting one while not limiting the other is pointless. I’m not sure what is worse, the fact that out of all the American people these two candidates are the best we could find (oh wait, it wasn’t we had a great candidate ,but the DNC rigged it against him, great job America)or the fact that people are posting on social media as if they are proud of either one of them. It is good to not take peoples political views too personally ,but its hard not to when so called “friends” are voting for a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic pig. When you want to salvage the friendship, but still remain sane, I know from personal experience the “unfollow” button can do a lot of good. And your “friends” will never know the difference. So don’t feel guilty if you have to temporarily unfollow your favorite ,but racist uncle Bob.

3. Make self care a priority. Do something you enjoy, to relieve stress. Hike. Write.Take up yoga.Spend time with friends. Get an adult coloring book and color. Make time for the things you love. It’s okay to distract yourself once in a while. In a culture that is so rushed and always shoving new information in our faces ,this is just sound advice, even if times aren’t tough. Cause lets face it, adulting is rough….hey that rhymed. My rap album will be released next month.

4. Practice positive thinking. I know it may sound cliche, but every time you begin to thinking negative and worrisome thoughts in light of the election (or of anything else for that matter) pull yourself away from that and think of something that makes you smile. Like the fact that they both look like they should be singing ; “Baby its cold outside.”

5. Try to remember, although it seems America has hit rock bottom, the only way it can go from there is up. We made it through the great depression and Nickleback somehow making it to the radio. We will make it through this election. And if we don’t….well there is always Canada and vodka.