An Apology Would be Great

Has anyone ever had a bad experience with another human being and just been so tired of it that they ‘let it go’? Only it hasn’t been let go at all.

It’s still sitting in the back of your mind — the hurt and the anger. As stupid as it is- could it be solved with an apology?

It’ll never be confirmed whether this would make all the current pain go away or not, because it will never happen. But the thought is always there in the back of your mind ruining your life slowly.

One small apology to make all the pain go away? I mean it sounds ideal but a little bit too good to be true. Apologies are just words, what do they matter?

It’s because those people need to be told that they’ve hurt you, because in their eyes, you’re the bad guy.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be cases where everyone thinks they’re the one in the right, and so things will never be resolved, but can some people honestly be so deluded as to think their actions are ok because of some unrelated reason they deem necessary enough to bring up in order to exempt themselves?

It’s not.

Don’t let them walk out of your life forever thinking that you’re the bad guy and they simply put you in your place. Don’t ever let them walk away without them seeing the obvious conclusion that they wronged you. Make them apologise. You don’t have to forgive them but they have to own up.

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