When Words Fail You As A Writer…

Photo credit: @wholeworldoflove (Instagram)

I am at a loss for words. As a writer, words come easy to me — but not today. Today is World Refugee Day and I’ve tried to write something that might compel people to care about the 65 million human beings around the world who have been displaced from their homes…but nothing seems strong enough to reflect the enormity of this humanitarian crisis.

Perhaps because we are separated by oceans, because we don’t know them personally, because we haven’t heard their stories and witnessed their struggles, it makes it difficult to understand why we should care so deeply and be doing so much more than we are now. But I have found a way to change our awareness of the situation.

Imagine living in a refugee camp in a foreign country while you wait to hear if you can stay on their soil. Having someone to talk to while you’re in that situation, even if they live halfway around the world, offers a ray of hope. I’ve started doing this through the Refugee Buddy Network Facebook group, which connects people from all over the globe with refugees who they can buddy up with. So while I’m not on the ground right now, I’m still able to be involved and help in some small way and offer the simple gifts of friendship and support by chatting with my refugee buddies on WhatsApp and FB Messenger.

If this post has connected with you on some level, please reach out to me and I will personally add you to the Refugee Buddy Network. Together we can do great things, if only through the smallest of actions. 💌

Serena Matter is a lifestyle writer, digital content strategist + human rights activist. You can read more of her work at The Wanderlust Report, a digital magazine she founded that features travel guides, interviews with international tastemakers + trendspotting reports from around the world.

Serena also writes about travel, food, luxury, fashion, culture, health/wellness, fitness + social justice for several high profile media outlets. As a brand storyteller, she works with a range of lifestyle companies to create bespoke content + provide digital strategy. Follow her on Instagram/Snapchat/Tumblr/Twitter: @serenamatter

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