Dangle Off a Building in Amsterdam!

by Jerry & Serena

(Week 6 Eng4Jour)

Swinging over Amsterdam.

The newly opened A’damtoren has some amazing features. It includes a mix of offices, cafes, restaurants, the first publicly accessible observation point and a revolving restaurant. Not to mention two clubs, a loft and a hotel. However on August 26th 2016, the A’damtoren opened their coolest feature yet. A giant swing set where visitors can swing over the edge of the building from its highest point.

The former Shell building, which opened in 1971, was recently renovated into the A’damtoren. Since the opening in May 2016 over one hundred thousand people have visited the twenty story high building. Visitors undergo a visual experience as the elevator shoots up to the twentieth floor within twenty seconds.

The view on the observation deck is stunning. It seems like the whole city is at your fingertips through the 360 degrees view. There are binoculars and elevated boxes on the deck that help enhance the experience. Though nothing can quite prepare visitors for the giant swing set that is located on the east side of the observation deck.

The giant swing set is literally and adequately called Over The Edge. A total of four seats are available for thrill seekers to dangle over one hundred meters above the IJ river. The attraction runs smoothly thanks to a hydraulic system. The iconic red seats are quite slippery so it feels like one might slip off but restraints quickly reduce that notion. The whole experience offers a chance to beautiful views of the city in ways never thought possible.

Leisure area on the observation deck.

To counteract the vertigo, colourful beanbags on artificial grass are available where one can sit and catch their breath and relive the experience. Expression of excitement of other visitors can be heard in the background as they experience the swing for the first time.

Additional Information:

Opening hours: 10:00–22:00

Entry Price — LOOKOUT: 12,50e

Entry Price — Over the Edge: 5,00e

Address: A’damtoren, Overhoeksplein 1, 1031 KS Amsterdam

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