New York

Disembodied voices echoing from the depths of the metro to the aisles of the supermarket.

Desperate, driven, devilish denizens balancing their cheques in tandem with their chimeras.

Cut-throat, blazing, blinking, blaring…a city for everyone and everything.

You get lost and you sink deep, but you get found too and transcend to the heights of the skyscrapers.

Constant action, jam-packed traction, sound saturated background.

Angry, fierce, righteous, proud…pick one characteristic and you’re sure to find at least one who fits a variable in the crowd.

Stay alert, but allow yourself to subvert into the metropolis that is New York for, its scintillating sounds and multicultural composition are quite profound.

Dazzling, dichotomous, drama…dream the dreams that propagate in this urban landscape.

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