Transformation, emancipation, where has the power of silence gotten you so far?

Speak your mind; learn the lines of liminal signs and discern whether or not the message has been confined.

Soldiers of words, sanctions of layers, pantomimes of expressing your fears.

Finding the courage to speak will dissolve the meek and diffuse the mystique.

Problems, puzzles, platitudes…spare me. Just hear me out and hear me through. Take me in and drink your brew.

Don’t mistake my former silence for submission, because now I’m on a mission.

Find me, blind me, remind me where it was that I began.

Let me lead you down that path again…disseminate the words and feel your soul.

Keep it in and feel the pain.

Let it out and obliterate the stain.

Breathe, brutal beast for now I have found peace.

Let your consciousness sway you and never forget how the pain saved you.

Speak and surrender to the syncopation of the beat.

Sooner or later, you’ll be kneeling at my feet.