When the world falls into evil……

“The Shape Of Modern Morality: Swapping Jesus For Hitler?” by Todd Brewer. “The specific configuration of beliefs that have come to dominate western culture — gender and racial equality, sexual freedom, and individual human rights (to name a few) — are unparalleled in western thought.” The world is becoming more and more complicated. Because there are no moral principles. Today people would rather pursue freedom of “doing whatever you want” and “being real, be your true self”. Is this kind of freedom evil? When we follow what the majority would do something which maybe not be against moral principles, and we can’t say no to these things. That might be considered evil.

In the article, “The Death of Satan”, “Says Delbanco, focusing on the dark side of human affairs. He tells the story of religious and moral degeneration by concentrating his attention not on the forfeiture of God in American culture, but on the forfeiture of Satan.” Mentioned by Walter Sundberg. The power of Satan exists for some people. Just because people don’t know God much or for several reasons they reject to believe God exists. So they would choose to lean on Satan to make themselves feel comfortable. Like what people believe, Satan brings “freedom”.

Real freedom is that we have the freedom to do what we don’t want to do. We don’t want to against moral principles. As Christians, we want to please God and do his will. We don’t have to follow what majority of people’s mindsets.




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Serena Shan

Serena Shan

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