How Do I Know I’m Marrying The Right One?

Growing up as a clumsy person, oftentimes I made a decision without even realizing it. But, eventually I guess as a clumsy person, my hunch and my brain somehow always works hand in hand because every random decision that I made ALWAYS turn out to be the best step I ever took.

A few months ago, I and my partner decided to get married. Of course, as a woman, I need to reconsider few things before I decided to said “yes” when he asked.

First time think about it, I couldn’t really imagine it all. At that moment, I just wanted to have fun. I was having fun and I thought marrying this guy is really a cool and sweet way to have fun all the time. Because our relationship is fun.

So, I decided to say “yes” to all the consequences. Frankly speaking, I wasn’t that sure at the first time. But I think I still have time to re-think about it, instead everything changed in the future.

Of course all my friends and family shocked. Because I was just a… kid. They still see me as a kid. No wonder because even till now I’m still a huge fan of Spongebob. But hey that doesn’t matter because Spongebob is for all age! Ok, back to the topic.

The point is, my friends and family don’t believe that my head was clear enough when I made that decision. They thought I was just taking an easy way out. I was just too fall in love with this guy and can’t see everything in a clear way.

But, I think they just don’t know me so well.

Apparently, this time my hunch and my brain AGAIN, work in their own way. Months passed by and I felt myself keep growing up. My head is more mature now — I guess — than before. I still a clumsy decision-maker, but at least right now I can see it clearly why I’m marrying this guy. I’m gonna make it listicle so you’ll won’t be bored.

He Always Consider Me as a Funny Person

Well, not every person take every clumsy and weird stuff I do in a funny way. Instead, he’s the one who always considers me as a funny person. He always laughs at my jokes, he always smiles at my silly faces, he never gives ‘an attitude’ when I’m doing my silliness.

And so you know, not every man can do this. Not every man consider you as their ‘own comedian’. Sometimes there are men who laugh at beautiful women’s not-funny-jokes or random women at the bar but never at yours. Of course, it’ll make you feel… unimportant. Right?

You’ll Always Laugh Together

No matter what you’ve been through that day, there’s always something to laugh about. And my partner does this all the time.

We had a rough day. But there’s always time to laugh at the end of the day. Because eventually, the rough day is over when we finally meet again. And that’s what your relationship should be: a place where you two can have rest together, forget about the world, and just have fun.

He Cares What You Think, Not The Others

Sorry, but I gotta make this longer because I wanna share my story with my ex first so you can see the differences.

Back to the old days, when I had a relationship with my ex, I had this little enemy: a bitch. She always dragged to my ex, played as a victim, and never leave our relationship alone.

But, this is the poison is: my ex also keep responded to her. He said he did that because he didn’t wanna lose his friends — including that bitch. So yeah, I have to repress my rage, let him keep texting with that bitch (“as a friendly friend”), and finally boom, they dated.

This is where the differences that you have to know and really absorb.

A man that really really loves you will always wanna make you happy, no matter what. You don’t have a right to keep him from his friends, but at least he should pick out which friends who are good for him and not hurting his partner.

My partner chose to lose contact with his ex because he didn’t want to see me mad about it. And he also avoids bitches who he thinks might be bad for his relationship with me. Because he cares what I think not the others. That is the man you should marry with.

He’s Your Best Friend, Your Brother, Your Partner in Crime, Your Daddy

By simple words: he’s everything to you. Not in a cheesy way like “he’s my air, he’s my soul, he’s my half-other.” Man, not like that.

He’s my best friend because every important thing that happen in my life, he’s always the one who I wanna share it with.

He’s my brother because I can always depend on him.

He’s my partner in crime because we tolerate so good in every way. Well not every way, but at least we tried.

He’s my daddy because he always treats me like his princess. He never wants me to go to bed in anger. He always wants to solve everything and make me happy, just like daddy.

He Knows You Better than Anyone Else, Even Yourself

Another important point, my partner knows me better than anyone else, even myself. The man that loves you will always learn and watch everything that you do. He’s the one you spend your time the most with.

And because of that, he becomes the person that knows you so well. I and my partner, we even can tell the differences between ‘talking in a good mood’ and ‘talking in a bad mood’. Bad mood means: something’s wrong.

Not every couple have this privilege, you know. So, if your partner knows when you’re mad because you’re really mad and when you’re mad because your period is coming, yeah you’re with the right one.

Finally, You Can See Yourself and Him Create a Family

Not everyone in this world has the courage to have a family. It needs a lot of commitment and tolerance. And you have to stick with it for the rest of your life. THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

By the end of the day, I know I’m ready and marrying the right one because finally, I can see myself and him making a big and great family. I can see myself growing old with him and I’m ready for it.

I will laugh as many as I want with him, we will do silly things together, we will educate our children in our own way, we will commit and tolerate, we will be best friends, a partner in crime, siblings, hubby and wife, and we will ready for forever.

I really hope you’ll find the right man and be super duper happy like I do. See ya. ❤