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I thought I met my dream job. But…

If you looking through my blog few months ago, you probably will find me naggy-ing about passion, finding dream job, bla bla bla.

You can congrats me first because I got my dream job. Yeay…!

But hey, wait a minute.

Is this really my dream job? I thought I’d be super happy when doing this, but the fact: I don’t enjoy it so much! HA HA. Life fooled me.

This is not a dream job. This is only ANOTHER JOB. Another task to do. Another boss. Another deadlines. Another responsibilites. Main is, this is still only ANOTHER JOB.

JOB = Me, you, working to somebody else, get paid at the end of the month, and still never make the bosses satisfied.

Then my mind go crazy.

The thing is (it keeps repeat on my mind): this is me being super soft or I just can’t do job. You see? Work with the bosses, get paid at the end of the month, and be yelled.

Maybe there’s just few people that can’t have a living like that.

Maybe I belong to the free souls: freelancer.

Maybe I belong to the brave souls: enterpreneur.

Maybe I belong to the kind souls: motherhood.

Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Right now, this moment, you have to know that I’m super tired, exhausted by my ‘dream job’, and trying (again) so hard to find another ‘job’ that maybe suits me.

Right now, I will stop to looking my ‘dream job’ because I’ve decided, I don’t belong and I can’t work as a full timer.

Right now I just want to search another ‘job’ that can thrills me and make me not super bored just waiting and home (and broke ofc).

But unfortunately, I think this ‘anti-bored at home job’ is not ‘dream job’ that I’m doing now.