College Freshman: Corridor-Style Residence

Living in a corridor-style dorm room has it’s perks.

As someone who originally requested to be put into a suite-style dorm, I’ve found my way around the endless halls, and feel comfortable with the way this residence is built.

If you like privacy, it’s not impossible for you to find a special little hiding spot for yourself.

There will be moments when you have the most amount of privacy you could ask for, and there will be moments when you feel like you have absolutely none.


You realize all the places you can find in your residence (depending on your college/university):

  1. There are so many lounges — the possibility of a “Main Lobby” lounge, a “Game Room” Lounge, and multiple lounges on every single floor of the building.
  2. There are computer labs - an area completely dedicated for work, printing, and studying.
  3. So many rooms are connected to you, and you build so many connections with people.

What has been a special location for me is the lounge in my hall. Everyone who lives on the same floor in this hall, have created strong bonds and have become like family. We cook, we socialize, we study…

Bailey and Carinna studying together.
Some of the girls who live around me.
Morgan just chillin’ on his laptop.

We call it our “Family Room”. Since we all have our dorms connected together in one big hall, and we share a communal bathroom, having a lounge like this creates a sense of a home.

So… If you are about to enter college and are considering living in dorms…

Consider the corridor-style. I have been in college for about 5 months now, and have 5 more months until the end of my first year. I’m fully enjoying the location I am living in, and only wish the best for others who choose this living style.

*This does not apply to everyone, but these are some of my personal experiences that may be similar to future college freshmen’s experiences with dorms.

Rhetorical Assessment for my Professor…

  • I completely changed my approach to my subject, and wrote this piece in a different perspective, towards a different audience.
  • I tried to incorporate design into this revision with the different style of voice, and tried out a different organization of sentences/phrases. I added a list as well. I bolded certain words.
  • I connected this review to a larger audience by creating a way for it to apply to any student who is about to enter their first year of college.
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