I’m Intrigued by Bullet Journals

So I came across a few different blogs while looking up fountain pen reviews (yes, this is my life), and they all talked about the Bullet Journal, which acts as a giant combo journal/planner.

As we all know, I have a very hard time journaling. It doesn’t matter the medium (ha). It could be the beautiful purple journal I got in Portland, my tumblr, a private livejournal, or scraps of paper that are locked into a safe that can only be accessed via validated blood drops - I can’t write down anything too personal. Part of the fear is someone reading my deepest, darkest thoughts and then looking at me funny, but the larger part of it is I don’t really want to put onto paper proper introspection (fears, things holding me back, troubles, etc.). I fear putting them onto paper gives them magical form to come punch me in the face.

Like, I’m sweating just writing about thinking about writing down my fears and character flaw analyses. Anyway, I still love writing down to-do lists. And I can stomach writing down my hopes and dreams. And I need to start planning more for my gossip blog so I don’t sit around at 10:45PM on Wednesday nights desperately hoping to come across something I can write about. So a Bullet Journal sounds like a good fit.

I bought this one from Amazon:


I’m going to get started tonight and see how it goes. I made the mistake of looking at lots of other people’s beautifully done Bullet Journals that have washi tape, brush lettering and beautiful little drawings. Stuff like that is always intimidating, but I just have to remember how much I like looking back at my Portland journal, even though I only write in that one every once in awhile and usually only to talk about a Coyotes game we went to.

In terms of what I want to keep track of on a daily basis: appointments, accomplishments, to-dos, books I’ve read, interesting blog ideas, quotes from articles I’ve read, etc. I want to have lists of books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched, a financial goal tracker, a calendar view with birthdays and exercise tracking, a list of things to do when I’m bored instead of just watching My 600-lb Life, gratitude log, and a handy reference for my 2016 goals.

Seriously though, if you want to see a beautiful Bullet Journal, go look at this and check out the #BulletJournal tag on Insta.

Loretta has been taking a calligraphy course online at I Still Love Calligraphy and she’s already turned out some amazing work. A course for modern calligraphy plus supplies is $130 and they also have a brush lettering course. After quarter end, I think I’ll either do calligraphy or brush lettering.