Top 6 Fashion Cities in the USA

Julie Litz
Feb 24, 2017 · 4 min read

Here is the list of top fashion cities in the USA which have been influencing the world with “home grown” style.

You, me and everyone is influenced by fashion to some extent. From the era of the early supermodel age to present, fashion has changed a lot. Sometimes it is reversed as well, but nowadays fashion is trendless, comfortable and personal. Today, we’re listing the top 5 fashion cities in the USA where people not only just follow the latest fashion trends, but create their own style statement also. These cities have a major influence on international fashion trends, designers and fashion houses. Let’s check them out.

New York City:

New York City

Whenever we talk about the top fashion city in the USA, New York City always tops the list. The Big Apple was one of the first cities in the world which gave a different approach to fashion and left behind Paris, the historical fashion capital of the world. The city’s rise in the fashion community began in the 20th century when it got popular for making sportswear as fashion. New York is home to World’s top 50 fashion schools such as Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, High School of Fashion Industries, etc. In addition to this, some of the most reputed fashion designers reside here namely Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Carolina Herrera, Bill Blass, etc.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been considered second to New York in the terms of most fashionable cities in the USA. However, according to a new study, Los Angeles is on top. The research team observed over 100 cities and found Los Angeles to be the most stylish one. The city is globally renowned for its street fashion which is focused on laid-back relaxed lifestyle.



Alongside eye pleasing beaches and classic art decoration, Miami is also popular as a fashion capital. The city is one of the biggest fashion and entertainment centers in the United States having numerous luxury boutiques, designer stores and consignment shops. In short, it is heaven for those who are associated with glamour industry. Apart from this, Miami also hosts a worldwide fashion week namely Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Miami Beach International Fashion, Funkshion Fashion.

Las Vegas:

Las Vegas

It is another popular fashion city in the United States. Although the city is more popular for its flashy casinos and extreme night life, it’s also home to some exceptional fashion trade shows such as Magic and Pool. All the giant fashion houses keep eyes on these trade shows.



Chicago, the most popular metropolitan city in the USA and often gets ignored as fashion city. However, people carry a different style statement here, which is followed all across the country. Many popular designers are opening their fashion houses in Chicago, which simply displays people’s love for designer fashions. Gradually, the city is growing as a fashion Mecca. Since the weather of the city remains cold, people of the city adopt fashion accordingly. Anorak Jackets, camo pants are common.



Nashville is the upcoming fashion destination in the USA. The Music City USA is the city of over 150 fashion brands while it is emerging as one of the leading employers in the fashion industry. Besides, the city has its own fashion show known as Nashville Fashion Week. From Yahoo! Style and Women’s Wear to Forbes Travel Guide, everyone has admitted that Nashville is the new city on fashion block.

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