4 recommended apps for your business.

Hope it helps! 
Facebook Pages Manager helps you communicate with your audience on the go and keep up with activity on all your Pages.
 Instructions to use Facebook Pages Manager:
 1. Download the Facebook Pages Manager App on your iPhone, iPad and Android.
 2. After you download the app, log into Facebook.
 3. You’ll have instant access to all of your Pages.

Feedly is a reader-like application where you can get the latest articles that are relevant to your business. If you curate content for your blog or social media profiles, then you need to have this.
Here are some useful tips to get you started with Feedly mobile:
 1. Click on the search icon to explore all the content on Feedly. If you already have something in mind, go ahead and search for it.
 2. If you’ve logged in with Facebook or Twitter, Feedly will access your profile and present a few topics that you might be interested in.
 3. If you’re still not quite sure what you’re looking for, scroll through the list of popular topics for inspiration. Clicking any of these topics gives you a list of popular sites related to your topic. Browse these sites until you find one you like, then click the plus icon to add it to your Feedly.
Google Analytics is a free and reliable web analytic software in the market. Web Analytics is crucial for every website, even for a small blog.
 Check out my guides: Integrate Google analytics into your website and Setting Google Analytics Goals.
Genius Scan automatically converts the images into editable PDF files. Moreover, this scanner app is free-of-charge!
 Going paperless is a huge trend. It’s not only about workflow automation and data accessibility. Furthermore, the fewer documents you print, the more trees are left out there to absorb carbon dioxide.