A​m I Eating Because I’m Bored?

B​y Serenity Hutchinson

O​ne of my favorite lines is ‘Am I Eating Because I’m Bored?’ from How The Grinch Stole Christmas with Jim Carrey in it. He’s sitting on a chair and after a ‘supposed’ conversation with whatever is in the cave, he breaks a bottle and starts to gobble up the shards. That’s when he says the famous line: ‘Am I Eating Because I’m Bored?’

T​his resonates with me not only because it is funny (I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan), but it is true. There are so many emotional eaters out there. Even more there are so many articles and information on emotional eating that I can’t even cover. One of the emotions that triggers eating is boredom. We may be sitting in front of the tv and eating popcorn and not recognize that we truly are full. Our hand just keeps scooping away at the popcorn bowl till it’s empty.

I​ had this problem for many years. Instead I would make pasta at night and add cheese with it. It was no mystery to why I gained weight. I was hungry, but I ate more than two servings! Can you believe it? I still can’t and I still struggle with it today.

T​o acknowledge and understand boredom (and before we get something to eat) we must truly ask ourselves ‘Are we bored?’ If the answer is a yes, then we can do something like:

  • R​ead a book
  • W​atch tv
  • E​xercise (if it’s daytime)
  • P​articipate in a hobby (I like knitting and drawing)
  • W​rite in a diary or blog (I advise that you start one)

T​hese are just some of the things that you can do. If the answer, however, is no then get something light first. If I am hungry then I will start with cheese and crackers (sharp cheese or gouda and Wheat Thins reduced fat crackers). However, don’t overdo. If that doesn’t satisfy you, drink water, not soda or tea. Water fills you up. If you are still hungry 20 minutes later, try something like half an apple. Apples can easily fill you up because of their water content.

T​he point is that being bored is something that we all contend with while working on our weight loss issues. Remember, boredom is an emotion to watch out for and you can defeat it as long as you listen to your body, both physical and mental. You can do it!

H​ow The Grinch Stole Christmas Movie and Wheat Thins are copyright their owners.




I am a blogger and write about several meaningful topics. I love writing stories as well, but have been blogging for a long time now.

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Serenity Hutchinson

Serenity Hutchinson

I am a blogger and write about several meaningful topics. I love writing stories as well, but have been blogging for a long time now.

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