Are you, though?

Feels like a straw man argument. An attack on the authors character to derail the conversation and additionally a false argument about what it is to be a man. Nowhere in the article was there a discussion on what it meant to be a man vs boy. You are not listening and pushing your own agenda to make yourself feel better.

As an aside and response to your straw man — Man vs boy? Really, this feels like macho bullshit. Child vs Human yes, everyone learns powerful lessons of responsibility when they grow up, that there is a community and needs beyond themselves. Protection? In this day and age I don’t need protection, but I do need bros to open their eyes and ears, to see what is happening to the other half of the race. And if you’re referring to physical protection — did you not notice that the military is open to both sexes. Like someone aptly commented earlier, what era are you in?

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