Today the day is dedicated to the prodigy Afro Pupo from Angola.

Behind a work made always the presence of that make it up, how about today we have the pleasure to introduce you to the artists who contributed on the Allbum Muloje.

Today the day is dedicated to the prodigy Afro Pupo

Pupo, as it is affectionately called by family and friends, is born in luanda to 13 February 1992 in a quiet place in the city. Son of disc jockey, Father’s side was educated with different sounds and classics like Sting, Jimmy Cliff, UB40, modern talking, Sandra; and the mother’s side, more African songs as Papa Wemba, Salif Keitah, Yousson Dour, Kassav, Lourdes Van — Dunen.

With 10 years shift in the joke of the musical production, starting by doing mashup’s of African music with instrumental electronic music. In the pre-Adolescence, Pupo begins to learn djing and has always been your passion were sounds with a mixture of rudimental with the modern, having become an ancestral soul prodigy.

For between games pupo entered the house music hall in a short time as a DJ, producer, musician and percurssionista, sharing cabin with Shimza, Heavy K, Afrikan Roots, Cuebur, Jess & Crabbe, DJ Demon, Daniel Haaskman, among others; working with Several labels as DJ’S 4 Africa in South Africa with the EP “ Allure “ and remixes, mental groove in the project Bazzerk Project in France with the EP “ listen to my music “ and remixes, kazukuta records in luanda with The EP “love of my life” and in remixes too, and today is a member of the kazukuta records.

Listen to Afro Pupo’s - Touch Body (Original Mix)

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