Virtual Holidays: Celebrating in the Cyberspace

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In this world we live in right now, technology continuously progresses. It wasn’t until the 80’s that the modern computer is being made available commercially, and advances in technology are truly amazing over the course of three decades. Now we have smartphones, smartwatches, virtual reality, high-speed internet connection, and many more.

As Filipinos, we are naturally attached to our families and friends no matter the distance. We always try to communicate with them through text, calls, messages through Facebook, you name it. There are so many ways to connect with them. Applications in smartphones can allow you make free texts and calls to your loved ones anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Technology bridged the distance between our loved ones.

We could now communicate with them almost instantaneously. We could feel their presence even if they are so far away. Relationships are stronger than ever.

I have some friends across the internet that celebrated their holidays alone. They decided to celebrate it virtually through a video conference. It was interesting to see, so I joined them. We were sharing our food, telling stories, became emotional, laughed together… it was a new experience to me. These are my friends only in the internet. Most of them I haven’t met yet personally but the holiday vibe is there. We enjoyed our company.

But… I find this ironic. Technology actually affects real-life relationships. A family eating out in a restaurant with free Wi-Fi has their eyes glued onto their smartphones. They are present to each other at that moment, but their attention is focused on the cyberspace. Is cyberspace eating the reality that we live in? Good thing that there are still public places without free Wi-Fi, but telcos managed to secure a stable data connection for places with heavy smartphone usage.

Nowadays, we are more attached to the cyberspace than reality.

We can’t avoid it. As I have said earlier, technology continuously progresses. As more and more technological advances are made, we crave to obtain the newest technology there is. Sometimes, we forget that there’s still reality in front of us. There is still the real world beyond the screen we are looking at.

We should keep relationships alive whether people are near or far. In the spirit of the holidays, the most important thing is that we are happy. We should feel the vibe of the season — the season to be happy and jolly.

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