Robin8 — Tokenize Your Crypto Life

What is Robin8 PUT?

Robin8 Profile Utility Token (PUT) is a new wave of social media that is being built on blockchain technology. We give control of the profile back to the owner and empower the user with their own data. We do this by allowing the profile owner to tokenize and monetize their social media presence via blockchain technology.

Currently, Robin8 is applying this technology in the advertising space through an influencer search engine that profiles, matches and ranks using big data and AI. The Robin8 platform offers a new advertising channel where people are media. However, this is just one use case because any vertical application can be built on top of the Robin8 platform with PUT as a currency in this virtual ecosystem. We are building the fundamental layer of a large-scale profile-based economy that can be replicated in industries beyond advertising.

Token allocation


6st December 8:00AM SGT through 7th January 11:59PM SGT

  • 50% Core Development
  • 10% Legal & Accounting
  • 20% Reserve Fund
  • 20% Project Team

Token Sale

8th January 00:00AM SGT through 7th February 11:59PM SGT

  • 30% ICO
  • 20% Ecosystem
  • 40% Reserve Fund
  • 10% Project Team

Management Team

Miranda Tan

CEO and Co-Founder

An expert in China Influencer and KOL Marketing, big data and AI, Blockchain PR/ Advertising;

15 years experience in PR and marketing;

The president at Excite Media Group;

The founder of ExcitePR, a US technology public relations agency with offices in New York and San Francisco;

Cornell University, B.S.;

St. John’s University of Law, Juris Doctor.

Hassan Miah

CTO and Co-Founder

A builder of technology platforms for the entertainment, advertising and media sectors with 30 years of experience;

Partner at KPMG;

Managing Director at Intel Capital for TMT Investment;

Head of Technology and Digital Media at Creative Artist Agency;

CEO at Xing Technology, acquired by Real Networks for $75M;

University of Michigan,B.A.;

Standford University Graduate School of Business, MBA & and is a Certified Public Accountant

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