What is Robin8 PUT

Profile Utility Token (PUT) is another rush of web-based social networking that is being based on blockchain innovation. They give control of the profile back to the proprietor and engage the client with their own particular information. We do this by enabling the profile proprietor to tokenize and adapt their web-based social networking nearness by means of blockchain innovation.

Benifits of Robin8

1. Anonymous and Trusted
2. Ownership of Your Data and Privacy
3. Monetization of Your Data

You will get rewarded with PUTs for creating a profile, inviting your friends, reading and sharing content, and promoting products.

About Token sale

6st December 8:00AM SGT through 7th January 11:59PM SGT
50% — Core Development
10% — Legal & Accounting
20% — Reserve Fund
20% — Project Team

Token Sale
8th January 00:00AM SGT through 7th February 11:59PM SGT
30% — ICO
20% — Ecosystem
40% — Reserve Fund
10% — Project Team

Hurry up & join before its gone.

Distribution Plan


Miranda Tan — CEO and Co-Founder
Hassan Miah — CTO and Co-Founder
Tan Siok Siok — VP Operations
SoonKhen “SK” OwYong — VP Engineering
Dr. Barry O’Sullivan — Chief, Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Janna Lipenkova — VP, Research & Development

Advisors / Investors

Bessie Lee — Former CEO for WPP China,Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Milo Chao — Former Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Alvin Foo — Head of Mobile and Innovation at OmnicomMedia Group, Robin8 Foundation Adviso
Vivian Zhu — Greater China CEO of Blue 449, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Alex Yang — Founder & Chief Operating Officer of UnitedBitcoin, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Coolio Yang — CEO of Kantar Media CIC, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Ms. QJ (Qijun) Wang — CEO & Founder of Queschain Capital, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Leo Wang — Founding Partner of PreAngel Fund, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Mykim Chikli — COO of Publicist Media Group, Robin8 Foundation Advisor
Xiao Long — QTUM Lead Developer, Robin8 Foundation Technical Advisor


Official website: https://en.robin8.net/
 Telegram group: https://t.me/Robin8_PUT

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