We all think. Every second, every minute, every day our minds are flooded with an abundance of thoughts. Relevant, and irrelevant. According to studies humans think an average of 50 to 70 thousands thoughts daily. Some think more than others, I’m here to speak for those who think too much. Those who spend countless hours thinking. Thinking about the past, the future, and not focusing enough on the present. I’m here for those who spend their nights thinking about what went wrong, and what we hope goes right. See being an 18 year old teenager fresh out of high school, I’m bombarded with an abundant amount of thoughts. What now? Do I spend countless amount of money that I don’t have into an education and a major that won’t even pertain to my career? Or do I craft my own path and hope for the best? What will society think of me? What will my family think of me? What’s the best thing to do in a world full people, successful and unsuccessful.

I’ve entered the real world, which means countless amount of responsibilities and expectations. Bills, finances, accountabilities that I wouldn’t think of when I was “younger”. Was wishing to grow up the best wish I could’ve wished for? Can I go back in time to where things where less stressful? These are the things I’m talking about. Thinking too much about the past, and too much about the future. Not living in the now, I think way too much. As do a lot of you, giving you a sense of confinement in your own brain. Not being able to be free to think and be what you want, because you’re overly consumed by your mind and drowned by your own thoughts. The best power, is the manifestation of yourself and your thoughts, but I feel like I have no control over them. In a battle between myself, I feel like I’m loosing. Thoughts consuming my brain like a fat kid consumes cake, it’s all a daily struggle fighting against myself. What do I do, where do I go, what do I think?

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