How the Left is Cannibalizing Itself

And Why We Should be Thankful

Snakes are cold blooded animals. Unlike humans, they can’t regulate their body temperature. When they get too hot, they get confused and disoriented. They also subsequently develop an uncontrollable urge to eat. The combination of confusion and extreme hunger results in them self-cannibalizing. Don’t believe me? It’s well documented, check it out!

This is pretty much what’s going on with the “Left” now, particularly in the US. It’s sort of like political creative destruction. It’s natural selection on a political level; an idea is born out of necessity, and if it doesn’t get with the times, it becomes outdated and obsolete. Sure, you can extend it’s lifespan by falsifying reasons for it’s necessity, but this can only last so long. In business, when a product has been around for so long, competitors begin to innovate the product or produce it for cheaper. If the original producer continues to manufacture the same good for the same price, eventually they go under.

Movements pertaining to Civil Rights and Equality were necessary at one time. Segregation and discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, beliefs, and gender were the norm. More or less, these issues have been tackled. Completely resolved? No, of course not. However, those 4 forms of discrimination, for example, have all been criminalized and when you take a step back, look at how far we’ve come in the past 100 years in making progress. There is of course, still room for improvement. That said, you cannot and should not, force these progressive beliefs on people. And why should you? Study after study, and conversations with ones parents and grandparents, almost always show every younger generation is more and more tolerant. Forcing a belief on someone often turns them the other way. Instead, let social evolution do its thing.

A New Wave

Enter 21st century “Progressives”, or the “Left”. What was once an umbrella term for a movement to unify people, is now all about dividing people. When they fought to abolish segregation, they removed differences. Today, they emphasize differences and encourage separation. Once upon a time, they fought for equality before the law, now they fight for select few to have privileges over others.

But does this complete turnaround mean the Left is imploding? It certainly does. Ultimately, many of the very “identities” they claim to be representing are seeing how backwards things are going. And of course, they are quick to ostracize them for being rational. When an African-American refuses to support Black Lives Matter and instead suggests his children’s and his own life matter most, he’s labelled as selfish. When members of the LGBT community” do not agree with the Left, they are considered puppets or self-interested. A visible minority who disagrees with affirmative action is over-privileged. The Left is in denial that not everyone wants to identify and equate oneself with one characteristic. The eternal truth, that progressive movements of the 20th century taught us, is that we, as humans have much more in common than not. If someone’s skin color or sexual orientation differs from mine, it is only one difference out of hundreds (if not thousands) of other variables, as human beings, we do have in common. Since the Left has gone from promoting inclusion, to encouraging division, they’ve actually gone batshit crazy.

Anything but the Economy

Ultimately, the Left has grasped at straws and still fails to justify a reason to exist. They have completely misfired on the one topic that undeniably reduces racism/discrimination, violence, and crime in general — economics. A healthy economy brings people together. Poor economic policy divides people. Let’s not forget that Hitler was only able to come to power and ultimately scapegoat the Jews because Germany’s economy was in shambles and going through hyperinflation. Yugoslavia’s various ethnic groups, contrary to popular belief, only erupted in civil war because the centralized economy collapsed. What can cause people who have been neighbors for centuries in some cases to turn against one another? When you struggle to provide for your own household. Unemployment, food shortages, low wages, and various other factors, make the lives of everyday individuals suffer. The deep frustration and angst that comes with an ailing economy is easily taken advantage of by populist politicians and can steer the suffering population onto blaming their misfortune onto a specific ethnic or demographic group.

If the Left truly wanted to address the issues they claim to care for, they would spend more time looking into economic policies that work. Instead, they opt for economic policies that make the majority of people worse off, such as higher minimum wages, disproportionately taxing the rich, currency devaluation etc. In reality, a prosperous economy requires sound money, less red-tape, lower taxes… oh wait. Espousing a free-market would mean, they wouldn’t be the Left anymore, now would it? Maybe then we can conclude that the Left’s identity politics is in fact genuinely working to save one identity — the Left’s.

The Left has outlived its purpose and is now slowly but surely doing the opposite of what it set out to do. Even Richard Dawkins, an outspoken liberal realized that this identity politics is wrong and that one should “Stand for yourself as an individual, not as a representative of a tribe”. It’s similar to children who have outgrown their overbearing mother, who insists she still knows what’s best for her children, even as she’s being wheeled into an old folks home.

I guess what really needs to be said here is this — Dear Left, thank you for your contributions to civil rights and equality in the 20th century. In your prime, you were a progressive movement that furthered society. Today, you are being divisive and undoing many of the things you accomplished. Please just die already. Thank you.