Dear Randi,

Today, you will turn 33 years old. I know, I know. You honestly didn’t think that you would even make it to this age much less have done anything worth talking about. It felt necessary to write you a letter about all of the greatness that you will achieve and pitfalls that you will survive. A funny thing, this year is literally the point when events in your life will unfold that turn you into the man that you are today. Hardworking, ethical and resilient.

I know that life feels completely awful right now. You are confused about…

I have been working as a full-time freelance developer for the past 2 years. Over that timespan, I have worked with different clients going from small-to-large companies with budgets ranging from $1oo to $50,000.

Over the past few months, I have gained a few clients that were, what I thought to be, pure winners. They could boost my local karma, as well as, help my business thrive to carry me into the third year.

The problem that is occurring is one that I would have never thought to happen. The first part of my freelancing career was consistently on-time payments…

Rewind six years back to the first day that I started programming. My head was exploding with anticipation from being able to build my first application. Just bouncing with excitement knowing that soon I would would be able to build these marvelous tools on my own like some of the greats from the past, such as, Vint Cerf and The Woz.

What I thought would be a simple “just learn to code” and “get to it.” Ended up being the longest six months of my life. Why? …


Over the last year, I have been working on my first startup (depending on who you ask). DevJunkies is still around, however, it has become more of a freelance team rather than an agency. This was never my intentions when we started.

Originally, we would talk about gathering up tons of clients to the point where we could start hiring and putting more of our time into side projects. Building things was our passion and we wanted to build, build, build…

It has taught me many things about business and life very quickly. …

The Call

Yesterday, I got a call from an internal recruiter at a very, very, very large company that most people would die to work for in their lifetime. After the conversation, I spent some time thinking about why I truly said “NO!” to the position.

The Office

Clearly, my focus in life has changed over the last few years. I no longer want to spend the remainder of my productive years squished in a damn cubicle or taking breaks that end up being a bitch-fest about how everyone is being overworked and under-appreciated.

I now want to be in a comfortable environment at…

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Many months ago, I started making a plan for my future. I’ve never really been the kind of person that is organized enough to sit down and think through my future personal goals; however, I started seeing the need for this list to successfully reach my long term plans.

Top priority on this list was to start mentoring and to make an attempt at getting more people in the Atlanta area to mentor. …

The unofficial guide to being a mentor

Let me paint a picture for you that most developers have gone through but has really irked me for the past few years.

I have nothing more to say to you, Potter, You have irked me too often, for too long. AVADA KEDAVRA! — Voldemort

I began my career move about five years ago from being a manager of a large multi-million dollar retail store into the geek-filled realm of programming. I thought the process of losing my very good salary at a hunch was going to be the scary part. Not at…

Entering the startup world


It has been a while since I have blogged… forgive me for being a silent hermit over the past two years. There have been lots of twists and turns in my life during that two year period. Including 2 computer science degrees, working for @SoloHealth, and starting a business during that timeframe.

Once upon a time I blogged about my daily life…as boring as it was…now I have stripped all of that down to only blog about the things that will bring insight and information to the masses that really matters in their lives (..err…a…

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