Serge, very interesting read.
Anton Daigeler

glad you enjoyed :) comments:

  • i’m definitely not perfect in these regards. if i’m going to a place in the evening where i can pick up girls, i don’t wear orange glasses because i feel a bit insecure about them in a sex-related context. if i go to a really nice restaurant with fresh baked bread, i’ll eat it. if i sleep badly (e.g. after jetlag) discipline goes down across the board. willpower is not an absolute thing, it’s a biological subsystem although there are ways to make it stronger.
  • some stuff had clear cause-effect. for example B12 instantly improved my disposition in a number of ways. hormones, SSRIs, lithium, modafinil — these all have a very noticeable effect psychologically or even physiologically (growth hormone microdoses very noticeably helped reduce bodyfat). but this is more the exception than the rule, and i feel like optimizing all systems without taking on extra risks is the way to go.
  • will check out the study!
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