One click life with SCANETCHAIN

Today I will tell you about an application that will fulfill your every desire, and it’s not a joke. Seriously.


One of the most interesting projects of recent times is the SCANETCHAIN platform. It is able to fulfill any of your desires, and this is real.

Do you like sneakers on a man you don’t know? Just take a photo on your smartphone and find out where you can buy the same ones. Saw a shot from the movie, but don’t know its title? Take a photo of it and immediately find out reviews in a social network. Scanetchain will allow you to enjoy life in one click. But first things first.

Scanetchain is the first commercial dApp, built on the NEM platform, developed for the commercialization of Blockchain. It is a decentralized open platform where users can freely buy and sell for royalties and disclosure fees. The platform is designed to easily combine in one place advertisements, products, services, connecting several different platforms into a single ecosystem.


The principle of the Scanetchain platform is based on Augmented Reality technology (AR). You can find any product, its cost, the most convenient option of buying and paying, just taking a photo of it. Incredibly convenient, is not it?
But the platform allows not only to make purchases. For example, you saw a beautiful bird, an interesting book or a fragrant flower and wanted to know more about it. It’s enough to take a photo — and Scanetchain will tell you everything you would like to know. Look at the world wider, learn about the world more, find interesting objects and places — AR technology will make your life not only easier, but also much more interesting.

You can share your impressions on the social network. Leave a review for the new album of your favorite band or tell about the discounts at your favorite store to your friends. With Scanetchain it’s that easy!

A particular advantage of the platform is that it can be used both online and offline, without failures in the transition process.


The number of functions and options for using the Scanetchain platform can be limited only by your imagination and your needs. But how secure will your data be protected?

Platform developers argue that security and confidentiality are a priority for Scanetchain. First you need to download the application to your smartphone. Then you need to register — enter your email address, create a password. The Scanetchain application is easy to use, it will be understandable to any user. Despite the ease of use, your data will be securely protected.


Read the roadmap of the project before enjoying the use of the application.

In summary, we can say that with the Scanetchain platform you can solve any life situations. Wide functionality and ease of use, reliable protection of your data and available terms of use make this application irreplaceable.


Name of the token — SWC
SWC Price:
1 BTC = 89,462 SWC
1 ETH = 4.963 SWC
1 XEM = 1.7 SWC

You can buy tokens using BTC, ETH, XEM.

More information about the platform, its developers and terms of use you can find on the site: