How to design the Airbnb for X, the Uber for Y or the Twitter for Z
Sangeet Paul Choudary

Social engineering and marketing

Hi Paul,

truly like your concept — and I think it is closer of all models proposed toward model where we look on “machines” not only as a resources for producing more value in terms of stock market growth, but one where comunal benefit is achived. I am thinking a lot about situation in Croatia — we have 250,000 small food producers and ONE big company which control them all — how its possible ? One perspective I found interesting is in behaviour of people — and in this post you touch behavioural engineering — I understand that is tinny line between social engineering and marketing . But why as a scientist to do social engineering is bad, while marketing departments selling trash food are succesfull parts of the human eco system ? Deeply thinking about such a tinny line and ethics … any comment is welcome


Sergej Lugović

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